Epitaph, 2011

Epitaph was made during a short residency at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World, in Haldon Forest. The piece began as a cape sewn from pieces of the soft carpet of moss that covered most of the forest floor, and evolved into a performance within the forest.

Human beings have an instinctual desire to decorate themselves, and I am interested in developing clothes and costumes in which to enact rituals. In the western world we live primarily within a mode of consciousness centred in rationalism, mechanization and scientific empiricism. We have lost much of our understanding of the power of the imagination and the magical world of archetypal myth and symbol, as these spaces or wisdoms can only be experienced from within a non-linear, non-Cartesian state. By dressing up and acting out a ritual within the forest, I felt I might transcend the everyday; shift my mindset into a more open perception, where my senses were heightened and I felt part of the forest.