Fairytales for a Mended Earth


I fly the gilded gullies of my glide
Sun-spectacled guardian of the green,
Where old dreams are weighed, balanced and
Tossed to the clouds

Where the proof is in the planting-
Regeneration of my rooted cousins
Who cradle me in their bent arms.

I am the eyes of the liquid light
The tongue of a people
As old as a circle

Full of the symbols of the sun.


Gold-wing, Fairytales for a Mended Earth, 2011
Drawing on glasshouse, light


This piece was born out of two research trips to the endangered cloud forests of Ecuador and involved extensive research into the endemic orchids growing in this fragile eco-system.

I developed a narrative poem incorporating the voices of three characters: Little Dragon, Gold-wing and The Dancer. The above excerpt is taken from the character of Gold-wing.